Private Tour With Skipper

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Luxury Comfort Excursion

We have this exclusive offer for all of You that want to take a boat with expirenced discreet skipper and free roam where You like! You can have your own itinerary or ask a skipper for suggestions and whishes. Our skippers know all the best spots and attractions so they can activley participate in making your excursion comnig true. This offer is perfect for wanderers, special occassions like anniversaries, proposals, birthday celebrations! We can also organize all of those events on beautiful settings around our beautiful islands, just let us know Your vision and we will be glad to assist You! We do the pickup and the drop off where you need it.

Excursion length: 10 hours

Price per person: 120 EUR

Price per Boat [Colnago 35 Comfort Boat made for you/PRIVATE TOURS x 12+2] - 1300 EUR

Tour is a subject to a weather conditions. In case of bad weather conditions we keep the right to cancel the tour or to change the route. Our guests will be given the option of an alternative date or a full refund.You will be noticed before the tour starts and able to decide whether to go on the tour or to get full refund.

The duration of sightseeing of individual locations may depend on the wishes of the group or the decision of the excursion leader, and may be slightly different.
The length of each excursion may vary depending on the needs and desires of the group. The same goes for the price.
We keep the right to change the order of the destinations visited, depending on the conditions at sea.
Tour personalization is always possible. We are very flexible so there is option of personalizing the whole excursion to fit Your vision!
Lunch Options
It is possible for guests to have lunch in one of the numerous beach restaurants along the way.Also, our guests are welcome to bring food and drinks on board.
Special groups
Pregnancy - depending on the pregnancy stage and weather conditions we will advise should you go or not, but generally better not to go. If you are pregnant please notice us. Back surgery or back pain It is wise not to go on the tour. If the weather conditions are really good (flat sea) then it is OK to go but please inform us.
Favorable skipper notes to travelers which, if disregarded, can lead to unwanted negative experiences :
  1. Come early and try not to be late. Because of the nature of a 10-hour excursion, it includes multiple locations, we can not afford to wait for anybody.
  2. Bring your swimsuit
  3. Own beach towel. You will need it.
  4. Sunglasses will greatly assist in the fight against the sun, especially at sea, where the intensity of the sun is even more pronounced.
  5. Sunscreen creams. UV rays are very harmful.
  6. Any kind of hats or caps. Sombrero hats are not welcome!
  7. Take spare dry clothes.
  8. Some kind of a lightweight jacket. Cruise on the sea can be cool. Especially in the earliest and latest stages of the trip.